New Product:

Say hello to the new BFFS at Tyler Mychele: The Two Is Better Than One Duo!

This Duo is made to be used together in order to hydrate, soothe, and collectively help the body relax while using the DUO in addition to your skincare regimen. The whipped body helps to coat your body with a rich layer of hydration in order to produce supple, plump, and smooth skin. The new REM  body oil, individually used or mixed in with the body butter, helps to calm the body and mind in order to relax, release, and rest. 

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Thee Collective Experience

Tyler Mychele curated the Collective with the intent to create a space meant to mirror our everyday practices of self awareness, self care, and an investment into our better selves.

  • Natural

    Hand picked organic ingredients sourced to provide a soothing and clean experience.

  • Paraben-Free

    Free of sulfates, harsh chemicals, and moisture stripping ingredients.

  • Vegan

    All products are vegan and free of any animal by product.

  • All Skin-Types

    All products are okay to use on all skin-types, with an added ingredient such as (arrowroot powder) it helps to combat irritation.